Yes, I have two bottles of whisky.是的,我帶了兩瓶酒

Do you have any other baggage? 你還有其他行李嗎?

O.K please give this declaration card to that officer at the exit.


How long does it take? 要花多

These are for my personal use. 這些是我私人使用的東西

These are gifts for my friends.這些是給朋友的禮物

Do you have any liquor or cigarettes? 你有攜帶任何酒類或香煙嗎?

Is this a duty-free shop? 這是免稅商店嗎?

Where am I now? 我現在是在哪裏?

Where’s the rest room? 廁所在哪裏?

Where’s the dining room? 餐廳在哪裏?

Where’s the bus stop? 公車站在哪裏

Where’s the subway station? 地下鐵站在哪裏?

Where can I buy a ticket? 票在哪兒買?

Would you take a picture for me?麻煩你拍張照片好嗎?

May I take pictures here?這裏可以拍照嗎?

Excuse me. would you kindly take our picture?


please pose with me for a picture.請跟我合照一張.  

Are we allowed to take pictures in here?


I'd like to take a double room.我要一個雙人房。

Do you have a double room?你們有雙人房嗎?

Do you have any single rooms available? 你們有單人房嗎?

I'll take a single.我要間單人房.

How much for a single?單人房多少錢?

Is the service charge included?服務費有含在內嗎?

Does the price include tax?價錢有含稅嗎?

Do you offer discount?你們有給折扣嗎?

Where can I get a knife and fork? 我在那裏可以拿到刀與叉

Could you pass me the salt? 請把鹽傳給我

I’d like a glass of water, please? 請給我一杯水

May I have a bottle of mineral water?請給我一瓶礦泉水

May I have some more bread, please.請再給我一些麵包

I’d like a dessert, please.請給我一些甜點

Would you bring me the salt, please.能請你幫我拿鹽來嗎?

Would you bring me another fork, please?


May I have some cheese? 可以給我一些芝士嗎?

What kind of cheese is this?這是什麼口味的芝士

How much does it cost? 賣多少錢?

What's the price?價錢多少?

Is this on sale?這個在打折嗎?

Do you give discount for cash?我給現金有打折嗎?

Could you give me a discount? 能打個折嗎?

Couldn't you give me any more discount?


Couldn't you give me any more discount?


I'll take it if you give me a discount.如果你能打折,我就買.

I'll be buying more, couldn't you knock off a little bit more?


Does the price include tax?這價錢含稅嗎?

How much will it be with tax?含稅多少錢?



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